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The story of Benzinger Lawn & Landscape began with a young boy that was willing to work hard. At age 12 Grant Benzinger started pushing a lawnmower around his neighborhood until eventually he had so many customers, his dad had to drive him around in the family mini-van to reach his expanding customer base. By working hard and saving diligently Grant had enough money to buy his own truck by age 15; one year before he was legally allowed to drive it himself.

From the very beginning Benzinger Lawn & Landscape has treated every customer with the importance of a family friend, because that's how the business started. By word of mouth, through family and family friends. Since then Benzinger Lawn & Landscape has expanded into a team of old friends, countless pieces of equipment, a fleet of trucks, one puppy, and hundreds of customers all over Northern Kentucky.

Benzinger Lawn & Landscape now employs a small and highly trained team of close friends, and has many long time customers who receive weekly lawncare services. Grant's attention to detail has skyrocketed their popularity in landscapes and hardscapes.

The Benzinger Lawn & Landscape team is proud of the work they do and the services they offer.

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Walls, Patios, Plants, Lights


Lawn Treatments, Mowing, Mulching


Drainage, Grading, Excavation

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